⚙️ Patch Version 3


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1. Added Resource Wars event and reward exchange in test mode (the event will be active when all 44 guild territories on the map are captured)
2. Increased guild slots to 20/40/60 (TW limits remain the same: 30 people from the guild)
3. Adjusted guild structure to 1 leader, 2 directors, 4 marshals, 8 executors
4. Reworked Archosaur Arena event
Mobs now appear near the arena platform for the first 15 minutes before the main boss
Significantly improved drops from everywhere (this applies to treasures, mobs, mini-bosses, and the main boss as well)
5. Added Celestial Insignias and Celestial Shards to all reward packs from the Celestial Tigers event
6. Added free mounts for newcomers after completing the taming quest (available after reaching level 5)
7. Changed the type of treasure maps to stackable (players will have to exchange old treasure maps for new ones with Sharp Spear NPC)
8. Added This War o' Mine weekly quest
Level 100 and 300 completed quests are required
Quest and reward exchange is available from Commander Feng on the Archosaur platform
9. Added Crisis Resolved weekly quests
Level 100 and 500 completed quests are required
SoT/Abaddon for completing these quests are available in new portals next to regular dungeons, you can teleport there via the Celestial Messenger NPC on the Archosaur platform as well
10. Added the exchange of some consumable items to get rid of duplicates
11. Restoring chi from PW136.COM changed to 0.20 per second
12. Added client restriction to Lothranis and Momaganon
13. Changed current client restrictions in Godless Valley to 3 IP's max.
14. Added a despawn timer to the raid boss: it will disappear after 180 minutes if it is not killed
15. Updated discounts in the Boutique: now it's on smiley sets, flyers, mount and battle pets
16. Extended duration of Wooden Dummies from 60 to 90 minutes
17. Added an icon for Rat all-class pet
18. Adjusted names of all-class pets
19. Fixed mini-map for FB109 City of Naught
20. Added new unique titles at the request of players
21. Some minor adjustments
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12. Added client restriction to Lothranis and Momaganon
can you increase the limit to 6 or revert back to previous version? There are limited players doing BH also time zone difference
I am seeing less player doing BH100+ (SG time), thanks for the consideration