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💁‍♂️ More and more new players are joining our server every day, and we are really pleased
when experienced players introduce newcomers to the game and help them get comfortable here.

The Mentor Support Program is the best way to share your personal experience and other secrets you know with other players,
and most importantly - get rewarded from us! 🤩

Joining the program is very simple:
just create your own tutorials and guidelines on the forums
that you think it would be useful for other players to know
The more informative
and creative it is, the more gold you will get! 💰

This way you will not only show
others how experienced and creative you are,
but also help someone learn something new and improve their skills 🎨

💰 Benefits of partnership
  • Program participants can earn up to 150 Cubi Gold for each guide created
  • Depending on the contribution, the staff can reward the program participant with the in-game title "Perfect Mentor"
  • Depending on the contribution, the program participant may be assigned the role of "Mentor" on our Discord server

💡 Tips and requirements
  • You are free to choose the topic of your guide yourself
  • Guides are accepted only in the text version in English
  • The guide or part of its content copied from other websites is not allowed
  • It is recommended to use images, emojis, and readable text formatting - so that it is not just a wall of text
  • The more interesting and detailed your guide, the greater your reward

📃 Program conditions
  • There are no limits on the guides created
  • Guides made for the program are accepted only on forums
  • Guides made for the program are rated personally by the staff team
  • It may take us up to 72 hours to rate your guide and send you your reward
  • The terms and conditions may be changed by the staff if they deem it necessary

Wish you all the best and hoping to see your work soon!
If you have any questions about the program, feel free to ask right here!
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